It goes without saying that a wedding, civil partnership, vow renewal or commitment ceremony is a profound declaration of love and commitment between two people. 

While the vows exchanged are the heart of the celebration, the rituals and traditions incorporated into your ceremony can infuse even more depth and meaning into your day! 

Here are 10 examples of symbolic rituals from around the world that can consolidate your union even further and make your day even more special and unforgettable.

  1. Handfasting Ceremony: Tying the Knot In this ancient Celtic ritual, the couple's hands are bound together with a ribbon or cord to symbolize their unity and commitment. Each knot in the cord represents a promise or intention made by the couple. As they tie the knot, they are literally "tying the knot" of their union, creating a bond that is not easily broken. This ritual can add a beautiful visual element to the ceremony and emphasize the couple's intention to be bound together in love and trust.
  2. Ring Warming Ceremony: Sharing Love and Blessings During a ring warming ceremony, the couple's wedding rings are passed among the guests, allowing each person to hold the rings briefly and offer their blessings or well-wishes. This symbolic act infuses the rings with the love and support of family and friends, creating a powerful symbol of community and connection within the marriage.
  3. Jumping the Broom: Crossing Into a New Life In this tradition, the couple jumps over a broom together, symbolizing their willingness to "sweep away" their old lives and embark on a new journey together as a married couple. It is a powerful symbol of leaving behind the past and stepping into a new life filled with love, commitment, and shared responsibilities.
  4. Unity Candle Ceremony: Merging Two Lives into One The Unity Candle Ceremony involves the lighting of two individual candles by the couple's parents, symbolizing the lives of the bride and groom before marriage. The couple then uses the flames from these candles to light a single unity candle, representing their new, unified life together. It's a beautiful visual representation of their commitment to each other and their families' support.
  5. Sand Ceremony: Blending Two Souls In the sand ceremony, the couple pours two different colours of sand into a single container, symbolizing the blending of their lives. Just as it is impossible to separate the grains of sand once they are mixed, the couple's lives are forever intertwined. This ritual beautifully illustrates the idea that marriage is a merging of two souls into one.
  6. Breaking of the Glass: Embracing Imperfection In a Jewish wedding, the groom traditionally smashes a glass under his foot at the end of the ceremony. This act serves as a reminder that even in moments of joy, there may be moments of sorrow. It symbolizes the fragility of life and the commitment to support one another in both good times and bad.
  7. Water Ceremony: Flowing Together In this ritual, the couple pours water from two separate containers into a single vessel, symbolizing the merging of their lives and emotions. Water is often associated with emotions and purification, making this ceremony a profound way to express the emotional and spiritual union of the couple.
  8. Love Letters Ceremony: A Keepsake of Promises In this personal and intimate ritual, the couple writes love letters to each other before the wedding. These letters are sealed in envelopes and locked in a box, to be opened on a future anniversary or during challenging times in their marriage. This ritual serves as a touching reminder of their love and commitment, even in the face of difficulties.
  9. Tree Planting Ceremony: Nurturing Love's Growth The couple plants a tree together during the ceremony, symbolizing the growth of their love and the nurturing care required for a successful marriage. As the tree flourishes, so does their relationship, serving as a living reminder of their commitment.
  10. Wine Ceremony: Savouring Shared Moments In the wine ceremony, the couple each takes a sip of wine from a single glass. This symbolizes their shared life and the idea that they will now be partaking in life's joys and sorrows together. The wine can also represent the sweetness and richness of their love.

Incorporating symbolic rituals into your wedding, civil partnership, vow renewal or commitment ceremony can add depth and meaning that goes beyond the exchange of vows and rings. These rituals, rooted in ancient and diverse traditions from around the world, serve as powerful symbols of love, unity, and commitment.

These rituals have the power to create unforgettable moments and enhance the depth of your union, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

I can help you choose a symbolic ritual that is right for you, bringing an extra layer of magic to your day. Consider what resonates with you and reflects you both as a couple. You may even wish to create your very own special ritual as part of your special day, something that is truly personal to you both as a couple!

Whether you decide to include symbolic rituals or not, I'm on hand to offer you advice, suggestions and fresh ideas to create your very own tailor-made ceremony that says 'this is us'!

Written by Celine Gucher, independent celebrant of weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies.