What's the best part about having a celebrant-led ceremony? 

You can choose your own independent wedding celebrant, who will get to know you both and work with you to create your perfect day. It gives you freedom of choice and the chance to get creative!

Having a wedding celebrant for your special occasion allows you to personalise your ceremony, from start to finish. A wedding celebrant takes time to get to know you and your story in detail to create a truly authentic and memorable day that will be remembered for years to come.

Here are 7 great reasons to have a celebrant-led ceremony.

  1. If you are getting married, renewing your vows or having a civil partnership wedding, it gives you the freedom to write your own vows or promises to each other. In a church or registry office ceremony, there may be statutory words that you are required to say as part of your marriage vows.
  2. A wedding celebrant will create a completely bespoke, personalised ceremony, tailored around your needs and wishes for your celebration. They will also help you to explore ideas for any songs, readings or symbolic rituals that you might want to include as part of your wedding or civil partnership ceremony, such as a handfasting, a ring warming or unity candle.
  3. The ability to choose your own venue. Want to get hitched on a beach or on a boat, in a woodland or at your grandparents farm, in a country barn or in your own garden? Your ceremony doesn't have to be held in a licenced venue, giving you scope to explore different locations both in the UK and abroad.
  4. The timing of your ceremony is also flexible. It could be held at dawn or dusk, midday or midnight!
  5. You can incorporate religious or spiritual rituals that are personal to you and your partner, such as a wine box ceremony or jumping the broom. Religious or spiritual content is not allowed in a registry office marriage ceremony.
  6. The chance to get creative with your ceremony, whether you want a Harry Potter themed wedding or a more subtle occasion, with readings, singing or performances included.
  7. Your wedding celebrant will know who you are and will have spent time with you to create your perfect day. With a registry office ceremony, you will get whoever is on duty on the day. 

Written by Celine Gucher, Independent Celebrant for Weddings, Funerals and Naming Ceremonies.