Here's some tips for writing promises to your child

One of the most important parts of a naming ceremony is when you make your own promises, or affirmations, to your child. Your guide parents may also wish to make promises too at your child's naming ceremony.

At first, writing your own promises may seem easy but it can be a daunting task. Where do you begin? When writing your promises, start with what you feel is the most important thing you can offer your child. What is important to you as his/her parent? What are your values as a parent? How do you plan to support them through life's ups and downs? What are your hopes and dreams for their future? What do you hope to teach him/her about the world?

If you feel shy or self-conscious about saying promises to your child at their naming ceremony, you can always ask your celebrant to read them out and you and your partner can simply say 'We do' or nod your head profusely! 

The naming ceremony promises below are just some suggestions and you don't need to use all of them! I hope that they provide you with some inspiration when writing your own promises / affirmations to your beloved.

Please note that ‘my child’ can be replaced with your child’s name and you can adapt the words to suit your own preferences. 

1. I promise to love, cherish and nurture my child throughout his/her life 

2. I promise to provide a fun, safe and loving home for my child

3. I promise to teach my child the importance of honesty, kindness, generosity and respect

4. I promise to encourage my child to follow their dreams, explore the world and reach his/her full potential

5. I promise to embrace my child’s individuality and nurture their unique talents

6. I promise to support, guide and comfort my child throughout the different stages of their life

7. I promise to always be there for my child and offer him/her a safe place to return to 

8. I promise to love my child unconditionally, always and forever

9. I promise to teach my child the difference between right and wrong, and the importance of kindness and compassion

10. I promise to listen, comfort and wipe away my child’s tears when life gets tough

11. I promise to believe in my child and inspire them to become a free spirited, confident, brave and independent person

12. I promise to always be there for my child with a hug

13. I promise to make my child laugh, smile and live life to the full

14. I promise to guide my child through life’s journey with love, patience and understanding

15. I promise to listen and respect my child's views, even if they don't align with my own

16. I promise to love and protect my child, always and forever

Written by Celine Gucher, Independent Celebrant for Weddings, Funerals and Naming Ceremonies.

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